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Volunteers are the heart and soul of our operation and there are many ways to get involved, even if you aren't a gardener! We offer several training courses during the year. Here are some of the ways to join in:

Our Volunteer Training Manual can provide you with a philosophy to build upon, as well as some practical ideas for working with kids in an outdoor classroom setting. We owe much of this to the wise and wonderful people of Seattle Tilth.
Did you know that multiple peer-reviewed studies have linked gardening to reduced stress and an overall improvement in physical and mental health? You can learn all kinds of fascinating information about gardens in our Why School Gardens? section, or check out our latest blog post. It's a great way to get yourself pumped up and mentally prepared for the garden season!

"I drove by the Northlake garden for a year before I finally stopped, and I now come to help in the garden every week - and I love it!" Denice Cook, Northlake Volunteer
Please contact us if you'd like to get involved:

Email: ian@lcschoolgardens.org

Phone: (360) 431-6725