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Family House

Family House Academy Garden

Family House Academy, "A place where CHILDREN BLOSSOM," has been our motto from the inception of the school sixteen years ago. We believe the classroom is the starting point to changing a community. This is the philosophy we bring to our brand new garden project that was initiated by summer camp students in July of 2012.
With the support of Ian Thompson, Fender Mender and Denali's the students planted five 3x8 garden beds. The students and adults built the boxes, hauled the dirt, planted and carefully fertilized all the new plants! With the help of parents, students and faculty, the garden has been carefully cared for throughout the summer.

Through this project we hope to expose our students to the long lost art of small-scale agriculture and give them an opportunity to explore the diligence, compassion and perseverance required to successfully maintain a garden. Already students are seeing the "fruits" of their labors and they are excited to literally taste their work this fall and to share their successes with their families and the community.

Coordinator/Contact: Jennifer Bejcek


Phone: 360-749-5364

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